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About Our Armed Security Guard Services


Here at Shield Platinum Protection, we understand your greatest needs and concerns when it comes to securing your facility

The decision to provide armed, physical, and contract security guard services for your California facility will be one of the most important and consequential decisions you will make. The actions or inactions of security guards on your premises, which are often made in seconds, can impact your organization for years to come.

When making this critical decision, we encourage you to consider two important issues:

The Company:

What training and experience does the company leadership provide? Have they been trained when and how to use deadly force? Have they been trained in threat assessment, conflict de-escalation techniques, critical thinking, and shoot/don’t shoot situations? Does the company leadership write effective policies designed to keep your employees, guests, vendors, and the public safe? Does the company leadership train and lead security officers to act in ways that will minimize your civil liability?

The Security Officer:

What if any experience do they have? Have they ever had to deal with difficult, desperate and/or mentally unstable individuals? Have they been trained to resolve difficult situations without the use of force? Are they a trained and knowledgeable professional, capable of keeping your organization safe and secure; or are they inexperienced, with their sights set on higher pursuits?


Our firearms and use of force policies have been written with the full knowledge and understanding of public safety. This means that the security officers we place at your site have passed every requirement to be hired by California.

Shield Platinum Protection guards adhere to strict uniform and grooming standards.

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