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When Shield Platinum Protection is stationed at a business or other property, most people assume they are there to provide security services. However, for many properties, Shield Platinum Protection fire watch guards are assigned to protect people and property from having a fire take place. Using a variety of techniques including patrols and checking various types of equipment for malfunctions, our guards play a vital role in not only keeping a disaster from happening, but also in helping people evacuate safely when faced with a dangerous situation. If your business, job site, or facility is in need of fire protection services, using Shield Platinum Protection specialized guards can make a tremendous difference in keeping everyone safe.


What Do Shield Platinum Protection Fire Watch Guards Do? While the duties of our guards can vary from location to location, there are certain basic tasks all fire watch guards do on their assignments. One of the most important is to maintain a logbook, which is required by the fire marshal. In the logbook, the guard documents all actions they take during the course of their shift, especially ones concerning equipment checks, malfunctioning equipment, fire safety code violations, times and locations of patrols, and other important details. Along with this, Shield Platinum Protection fire watch guards also are responsible for checking fire extinguishers, patrolling all areas of a facility to become familiar with potential fire hazards, and learning where all fire exits are located and how to properly use them in the event an evacuation becomes necessary.

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