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With Shield Platinum Protection using a clear, obvious security measure will be one of the best ways to secure any jobsite. After all, the goal of any security system is to prevent theft and vandalism from occurring at all, not simply to catch it after the fact.

Theft and crimes are still a large problem in the industry. Your business is highly valuable. Combined with the perception that sites are unsecured “low-hanging fruit”, it is no wonder that casual thieves often converge on business areas at night.

The prospect of simply walking onto a business property with a few people, loading up a pickup truck with whatever is in plain sight, and driving off is a tempting prospect to a certain element.

The good news is that this relatively simple scheme is all the average criminal is willing to undertake. Faced with visual theft deterrents such as mobile solar imposing array of motion-activated cameras and LED lights, most potential thieves will simply turn around and head elsewhere.

Of course, the cameras need to also get the job done if an intrusion does occur. Dummy cameras, though inexpensive, ultimately become useless as word inevitably gets around that they are not actually recording anything.

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