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Take control of your parking lots with Shield Platinum Protection. Our Security Parking Enforcement Patrol are comprised of dedicated professionals that are licensed and experienced security officers.

Our team works hard to protect your community, keep your private or commercial property maintained as well as under control. Having a security presence on your property can decrease crime and increase overall organization and lawful parking.

Shield Platinum Protection the ability to scan license plates and retrieve important information. All of our warnings are logged with the date and time so they can easily be tracked. Then, after a pre-determined number of warnings, the vehicle can rightfully be towed. For example, if double or illegal parking is a problem on your property, our team can distribute and track warnings as well as arrange to have repeat offender vehicles towed.

Shield Platinum Protection can work with any towing and/or booting company of your choice. We have the freedom to work with an existing vendor, or help you choose a new one. While we do not offer towing or booting, it is crucial to have this repercussion available for ongoing improvement of parking conditions on your property

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